3 Myths about Dismissing Employees

A quick quiz:  answer either “Yes” or “No” to the following 3 questions:

1. If an employee doesn’t turn up to work for a period of time (unauthorised leave) then (s)he has, in effect, dismissed himself/herself?

2. Can an employee only claim unfair dismissal if they have worked for an employer for at least two years?

3. Can an employer dismiss and employee employee “on the spot” if (s)he has committed an act of gross misconduct?

Did you answer any of the above questions with a “Yes?”  All of the above examples of HR Myths.  

There are lots of myths about relating to the dismissal of employees.  We can provide you with solid and pragmatic HR advice and answer all the questions you may have from managing unauthorised absence or issues relating to gross misconduct.


One comment on “3 Myths about Dismissing Employees

  1. Jemma Taylor says:

    I got the first two right but didn’t get the third one. I am still not sure as to why this is not allowed. I am not a cold hearted person, but believe that company should be able to fire spot on if gross misconduct takes place.

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