Is your business affected by the rain? There is a solution….

It feels like it has been raining for months, doesn’t it?

There are a range of businesses that are dependent on good weather – such as roofers, builders, gardeners, painters and decorators.   When the weather is poor, like it has been recently, many businesses owners find themselves instructing their staff to stay at home, as there is no work for them that day.   The staff  have a day-off with full pay, which can be very costly for the business.

There is a solution.   You can build a clause into your employee’s contracts that allows for a “workless day” .  This clause guarantees the staff a statutory pay of £23.50 per day during periods when there is no work – instead of being paid a full day’s pay.

The key points to note are:

  • You can “lay off” staff for a maximum of five workless days in any three month period.
  • Staff are not to undertake any work during their “workless day”.  Should an employee undertake any work then their normal rate of pay for that day will apply.

If you think that your business might benefit from a workless day clause, please give me call.


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