A Tale About An Unemployed 18 Year Old

Let’s call him Jordan.

Jordan’s a clever kid, but he just didn’t enjoy school.  After being expelled from 3 schools, his father home schooled him and he achieved 5 GCSEs grade A or A*.

Jordan then went to college.  He didn’t like it, so he dropped out.

Just after he turned 17 he decided he didn’t like living at home any more.  With the help of social services he moved to new accommodation.

Enjoying his new found freedom, he decided to go back to College.  He enrolled in 4 AS subjects and sat the exams the following summer.     He even enrolled for the second year at College but a couple of months ago decided that it wasn’t working out for him.

Instead, Jordan got himself a job.  It’s not permanent job, but the owner of a local restaurant employs Jordan on an ad hoc basis to be a runner and general dogsbody.  The relationship suits Jordan. He works fairly regularly, but isn’t tied to regular hours.

The thing that Jordan is most proud of is the fact that he’s managed to negotiate a good rate of pay of his work.  At £5 per hour, he’s earning almost twice what most of his fellow co-workers are earning.  Needless to say, this work is “cash in hand”.

Jordan is classified as unemployed.  But he’s happy with his lot.  He’s got his freedom, a bit of cash.  Right now he doesn’t really aspire for anything else in his life.


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