A Thanks to Twitterverse

Last Friday was a terrible day for news.  What happened to me on a personal level does not compare, but this post is about what  happened to me last Friday.

My prospective nanny called me to say she had got another job.  Whilst this wouldn’t normally have caused a huge issue, I had 4 working days to find a new nanny before setting off on my summer break.  I have worked lined up for when I return, and without the nanny, I have no childcare & I can’t work.

Friday evening I felt  paralysed  – I had no idea how I was going to sort the problem out.   I started thinking about how I was going to break the news to my client and what life would be like as a stay-at-home mum until I got my childcare sorted again.  I’m the kind of person who plans ahead, likes to have everything under control. I don’t deal with surprises well and I wasn’t happy at all with the thought that my childcare situation was out of my control.

I posted a tweet about my problem and a number of my twitter friends came to my rescue.   Two tweeps in particular deserve  a mention

1) @DeadBeatMum – by suggesting that I put my tweet in a format that could be easily RT’d.  I know, a very simple suggestion – but I just wasn’t thinking straight at the time.  Lots of people RT’d and this support gave me to confidence to move from shock to action.

2) @PlainTalkingHR.   Not only did Bina send me a list of nannies she knew or are clients of hers, but she also encouraged another local Tweep @PopdanceUK to recommend a nanny agency – the one that I ended up using.

By midday Saturday I was on the phone to the nanny agency.

By 7pm Saturday I had 7 CVs to look at.

By 6pm Sunday I was interviewing.

Yesterday after on-going discussions all week with one particular nanny I formally made an offer.  The nanny immediately said yes, but the Nanny Agency has asked her to sleep on it overnight before formally accepting.

So, as I sit here writing my blog, I feel fairly confident that #nannygate is over.  And if it wasn’t for my friends on Twitter, I’m not sure where I’d be.

So I just wanted to say thank you.



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