Free Resources: Techniques for Interviewees

Recently there’s been a few requests for material to help interviewees prepare for their interviews.  Bina from @PlainTalkingHR made a request during the weekend of 15-16th January, and Emma from @onatrainagain made a similar request and blog post last weekend.

Naturally, I rallied to the call and sent some material off to both Bina and Emma.  I have been involved in a number of restructures over the years:   interview technique and CV development workshops have always been part of the programme of change.  I delivered my first workshop almost 10 years ago.  And today, Friday 28th January, you’ll find me in Plymouth on my feet delivering a similar workshop.

However, the recent call for material has made me think about how much support there is for interviewees, particularly those who are going for jobs in other organisations – what is there out there for them?

Looking on Amazon Kindle and there’s a wealth of interview tips books.  But having recently read a few of the ones that are for sale for less than £5 (for research purposes only), they don’t tell you anything that you don’t already know:  turn up on time; maintain eye contact etc

A quick flick around the internet, it’s easy to come across lots of video clips on on how not to interview.  And the serious ones are top & tailed by adverts which is just plain annoying.   (If you can get past the adverts, the short clips from Career Concierge are helpful to a job seeker).

There are websites with loads of sample questions: ones that lend themselves to hypothetical or superficial answers.  These aren’t the type of questions I like to ask in interviews.  I prefer questions that look to assess a candidate’s ability to do the job based on past experience and the ability to learn from that.  One website went as far as suggesting what answers candidates should give at interview too!

I found some good stuff too.  There’s a blog called Interview Skills.  If you like what they are writing about, you can then go on to attend one of their interview coaching courses.  I also found a website giving you a trial psychometric test. I  tried it, but had to sign up to get the results.

I thought I’d try out a free e-course.  I’ve done the first “day” and I’m awaiting my next email, which is due “in a few days”.  And I’m not entirely clear how long the e-course is?  Not sure whether this is part of the marketing strategy….but if I was preparing for a  job interview, I wouldn’t have the patience to wait.

One website claimed:

“In fact, a recent survey showed that 9 out of 10 interview candidates failed to prepare properly for their job “

And to be honest, I’m not surprised as there isn’t much information out there (for free) to help job seekers.   From my brief research, I feel there’s little material out there of any real depth……unless you’re prepared to pay for it.  And unless you’re already in a job, can you afford to?


Postscript:  If I’ve missed a goldmine of interview tips, please let me know.


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