Are you Mentally Tough?

Mental Toughness is a behavioural trait that’s going to be invaluable as we enter a period of turbulent change in the NHS.  I’ve blogged earlier this week about what it is and why it’s important.   But how do you know whether you’re mentally tough?   If you answer yes to the following questions it’s likely that you score highly for mental toughness.

Ready to find out?


  1. Do you like to set yourself challenging goals?
  2. Are you able to translate these goals into realistic milestones?
  3. Are you prepared to do what it takes to acheived these goals?
  4. Do you deliver your goals on time?
  5. Do you work hard (and long hours) if needed to acheive your goals?
  6. Do you remain focussed and not easily distracted?


  1. Are you good at controlling your emotions?
  2. Are you good at controlling the events that occur around you?
  3. Are you difficult to provoke or annoy?
  4. Do you believe you can make a difference?
  5. Are you good at mulit-taksing?
  6. Are you good at prioritising?


  1. Do you get easily bored?
  2. Do you seek or provoke change?
  3. Do you like problem solving?
  4. Do you volunteer yourself (and others) to projects?
  5. Do you enjoy competition?
  6. Do you make new friends easily?


  1. Are you happy to ask questions?
  2. Happy to provide full responses to questions?
  3. Do you feel confident in your own abilities?
  4. Do you argue your corner, even when you’re wrong?
  5. Do you dominate conversations?
  6. Do you enter conversations even when you haven’t got a clue about the subject matter?

How did you do?  Don’t forget, it’s important to strike a balance with mental toughness.  Those who score highly on mental toughness are often seen as insensitive, and bordering on bullying-like behaviour.   Those who have lower mental toughness scores are able to learn coping strategies to enable them to become more mentally tough.

If you want to know more about the Mental Toughness Test (MTQ48) please do contact me for more details.


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